Ranger Post-Surgery

First night home. We moved Libby’s bed into the kitchen with Ranger, and I slept on the floor on the other side of him. Thank goodness we were able to figure out how to get him to his normal sleeping area the next night.
Trying to keep him out of the rain. He didn’t much card for that umbrella, but it was necessary to keep the wound dry.
We were thrilled to see him feel well enough to spy on the neighboring dogs with his sister. That was a good day!
One last picture of Ranger and Libby when they were about a year old.

You will notice that in some of the earlier pictures, Libby wears a red collar.  Ranger kept on chewing off her collars, but the final decision to have her go collar-less was when I caught him dragging her across the floor by her collar.  Didn’t bother her a bit, but I’d rather spend money on dog food!

The journey with Ranger still seems surreal, and we have a big hole in our hearts that is mending ever so slowly.  As I write this, we are now awaiting an oncology referral for Libby.  Last week, she was in for her annual teeth cleaning, and due to some abnormal levels in her blood work, the vet decided to do a scan.  She found 2 masses on Libby’s liver.  We don’t know what the future will bring at this point, but I know this:  Ranger is waiting for his sissy at the end of that bridge.

One thought on “Ranger Post-Surgery”

  1. Ranger was such a lucky dawg to have his sissy looking out for him all his life, but especially during recovery! If only every Tripawd could have a real life guardian angel by their side to make sure everything was in order. She’s such a good girl. And that collar dragging story…HILARIOUS! LOL!

    Thank you for sharing more about Ranger and Libby’s life with us, it’s a joy to look back and see their beautiful relationship.

    What a scare with Libby! We hope with all our heart that the scans reveal nothing serious. Please keep us posted OK?

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